As an Electrical consultant, I have had course to visit so many Electrical Sites (both Low Voltage and Medium Voltage) and the level of unprofessionalism seen on sites by unqualified electricians is quite alarming and some project managers are not bothered because they intentionally bring in this electricians without an Electrical Engineer to design nor supervise so that they could maximize profit at the detriment of the client who must have paid for such services as reflected in the bill.

Two weeks ago, a professional colleague of mine, Engr. Nick Obinna invited me to a site he manages in GRA, Benin City to see the level of work he has done and probably make some recommendations. I was glad to go because I knew I would definitely not have much to do because when a Professional Design Engineer is involved in installation the work is expected to be done to standard.

As I got to the site, you could tell that a professional was involved in the project, I observed the following:
1. The Electrical layout were properly in place.
2. The Electrical store was in proximity of the site location.
3. Safety precautions were strictly adhered to as you could see all the workers on their safety boot and helmet, caution lines were at areas prone to electrical shocks and other forms of danger.
4. Cable sizes for different loads were accurately used.
5. Cable trays were used in areas were full conduit were not appropriate.
6. The ring circuit type of wiring for socket points was used as I could see the return cable coming back to the circuit breaker from where the ring started.
7. Cables were neatly terminated and the cable labeling was done immediately cables are drawn to avoid errors during termination.
8. Miniature Closed Circuit Breaker, accurately rated Circuit breakers and accurate Distribution Board (DB) ways which made provision for spares were used.
9. All Electricians on site at their various locations were with photocopy of the Electrical Drawing ensuring that they work as accurately as possible.

And many other standard practices I observed on the site.

The benefits of the use of professionals on your project cannot be over emphasized, it saves you a lot of future risks, helps you moderate your budget and makes your work stand out.

I am proud to let you know that Engr. Nick Obinna is one of the consultants to DELWIT (you could visit us on www.delwit.com) at DELWIT we give you the best in all professional standards both in Electrical Design, Electrical Wiring and Website/Blog Designs.

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