Over the years, business strategies have continued to improve positively, making techniques and approaches towards business easy and quite accessible.

Business in my center of discourse today covers all facets of life, that is anything one does to get money either as full time or side hustle. Such as farming, trading, make up artist, hair stylist, Graphics designer, branding, barbing, drivers / cab man, writer / poet, teaching, consultants, lawyers / solicitors, NGO, political / sports / entertainment / fashion / religion analyst  in fact whatever might be your passion or profession.

Therefore, if you are a business person ” Business from my definition above” then you need to carefully digest this post.

The target of every business man/woman is to consistently get clients to patronize their line of business, it becomes very frustrating if after a period of time when you open for business you don’t get patronage. Well, as we all know, the era of expecting clients within the geographical location of your business is long past, in this 21st century, all businesses can be done ONLINE since majority of expectant clients visits the internet at least thrice a day.

Online Marketing Strategies

There are several ways to get your business known online at no cost or invariably at a minimal cost which is nothing close to the cost of publicity in the electronic/print media (TV, Radio and Newspaper) and is usually more effective since majority of your prospects are always online. The various strategies include:

1. Sharing: You can compose a very nice write up of your business, post to your friends via any of the social media platforms and encourage them to help you share, you can never tell the number of people the message will get to.

2. Targeted Facebook AD: So far, facebook is one of the largest social media platform, hence any sponsored targeted advert promises to get to your clients in no distance time. Same with other social media platforms. (Note: can be of assistance in this regards).

3. Google Search/Google Adsense: Most times when we search for items on google, we usually see the first three or four links pop up, on the left side it shows ad (Meaning it is a sponsored advert and it’s always related to the keyword being searched for) this can take searchers on google to visit your site. The google adsense allows google to advertise your business on peoples website (Websites that have registered and met the requirements of google although the website owners get paid for advertising on their site.) With all these, your business tends to get across millions of people around the world.

4. Bulk SMS Campaign: You can advertise your business through sending of bulk sms to targeted individuals based on state, region or LGA.

5. Website/Blog: This is usually a must for every business owner, whatsoever you do, you need an online presence by owning a website/blog, this is your virtual office. Clients do not necessarily need to come to your physical office before they can do business with you, they can have all they need right from your website/blog (Note, these days blogs are usually integrated in a site for constant post update).

Some young entrepreneurs I discussed with about owning a website/blog told me ” I have a facebook page, I also post my business pix on instagram, so what do I need a website for?”  My response usually is “There is a difference between being a Landlord and a Tenant in a building although the end result is to get a shelter above your head”  I guess you understand the analogy, the website gives you full control of whatever and however you want your online office to be, how you want potential clients to navigate and at the end get them to patronize you. Although the social media is a veritable tool to advertise both your business and your business office (Website).

Most clients, when they search for a service online on google or other search engine, they prefer to click on websites instead of a social media page because there is this impression that website owners are serious minded business people. So I advise all business owners or potential entrepreneurs reading this post, to consider owning a website and showcasing all you do to the world irrespective of what you do in as much as  it is legal.

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Make your business global by creating an impressive online presence.

By Darlington Okoka


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