Within my years of practice as a registered Electrical Engineer, I have never seen such an unwitting disposition of house owners like I am seeing currently in my location. Most of my professional colleagues advised me not to conclude since I haven’t practiced in the 36 states of the country, but I have practiced in about 5 states and I think where I’m currently residing has a special scenario. With a little awareness and orientation program like what I am about to do, I am sure a lot of things will change not only in my current location but the nation at large.

House owners these days or those intending to build, believes that once an architectural drawing is done for them usually from a business centre of someone that can use AutoCAD (Not a registered architect) they are good to go. But that should not be the case, a standard need to be followed to avert future mishap.
The standard required are as follows:
1. Get the survey plan of your land.
2. Discuss with an Architect to give you a design that suites your requirement.
3. Let the structural Engineer design the structural plan for you.
4. The Electrical Engineer at this point is contacted to carry out the Electrical Design of the proposed building
5. The Mechanical Engineer is also contacted to do the Mechanical design
6. Then the registered builder, equipped with these drawings can now commence the building with the supervision of a registered Engineer, these are the ideal process to be followed.

For the Electrical Design, this has seriously been abused. Electricians go to site without drawing, use their discretion to do whatever they like, even the clients on site will be giving instruction of what they want and what they don’t want verbally. This is totally wrong and has a future damaging effect, without an electrical design, the electricians will guess the following:
1. The sizes of cable to be used.
2. The rating of the Circuit Breaker
3. Distribution Board positioning and sizing
4. Protection may not be done
5. Earthing may be guessed without carrying out any test
and many others.

This should be totally discouraged, having an Electrical Engineer to carry out a design for you and give you a drawing to be used for the electrification of your building is the standard that is required, trained electricians can read drawings and work with it to give you a standard wiring that is required.

Electrical drawing has so many benefits, apart from giving you the requisite specification for your wiring, it also gives you the room for ease of future maintenance by helping you easily identify a faulty circuit breaker or easily locate the pipe that leads to the fault since most wiring are usually conduit.

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