It is alarming how the price of hand sanitizers has sky rocketed and we are still encouraged to sanitize our hands at least every 30mins especially this period of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

The price increase is not far from the basic economic theory which states that as the demand of a commodity increases its cost also increases because the supply might be low to accommodate the high demand.

Considering this fact, and knowing that the purchasing power of most people is low especially this period of “stay at home”, I had to do some research to discover how the hand sanitizer is manufactured. Among all the materials found, that of the World Health Organisation (WHO) was the most comprehensive.

I will summarize the steps below and provide you a link on how to get the raw materials needed to produce yours at home.

Before I proceed to the steps, please kindly note the following:

  1. The raw materials are highly inflammable, hence should be prepared where there are no naked flame and smoking should not be allowed. 
  2. Production area should be very clean, hand gloves and face mask should be worn during production.
  3. All equipments to be used must be sterilized.

Steps to Produce 2Litres of Hand Sanitizers

  • If you need a viscous sanitizer, (not recommended by WHO but widely in use) you can soak hydroethyl cellulose (commonly known as Natrosol) in water for at least 4hrs to allow it form. This is a thickening agent (1/80 kg is needed for 2Litre worth of sanitizer). The minimum they sell in the market is 1/8kg which they call half of quarter, buy this and divide into 10 equal parts, you only need one of the parts for your 2L sanitizer.
  • Pour 1666.6ml of ETHANOL into a well sterilized bottle or plastic bucket (If you do not have a graduated or measuring cylinder, you can decide to buy the ethanol from the recommended link below and you will be supplied exactly 1666.6ml).
  • Add 83.4ml of HYDROGEN PEROXIDE (H202) to the above mix (Also ordering from the below link will supply you the exact 83.4ml required).
  • GLYCEROL of 29ml is then added to the mixture, note that glycerol is very viscous and sticks to the packaged bottle/measuring cylinder hence cold boiled water should be used to empty the entire content into the mixing container, the water to be used should be from the quantity required in step 4 below. (You can also order this from the link and 29ml will be supplied).
  • Then add 221ml of cold boiled water to the mixture, add the formed thickener from step one above and stir with a clean/sterilized wooden stick e.g spatula (Eba turner). To get 221ml of water, just get one sachet water (pure water), it is 60cl, divide equally into three parts, each part is 200ml, then add a little to get the remaining 21ml, although if you have a measuring cylinder, just measure 221ml directly.
  • The above four steps must be done sequentially and fast as the ethanol evaporates easily. Immediately after adding water in step 4 above, use the spatula to continue to stir until you notice a complete mix.
  • Cover the bucket and get your packaging containers that you want to put the sanitizers in e.g 50ml, 100ml, 500ml containers. If you do not have these containers, you can wash your cream container, liquid wash container (Mama Lemon, Morning Fresh, Bod Man or Listerine) or any container you have at home that allows liquid to be pressed out from it, but you must ensure you wash them thoroughly with hot/warm water and allow to dry before putting your prepared sanitizer.
  • Place the packaged sanitizers in a cool dry place especially areas that do not have access to sunlight, then leave for 72hours (3-days) before use, this is a quarantine process that kills any spores or germs from the chemicals or the containers used.
  • After the completion of the 72hours, your hand sanitizer can then be used.

This is my corporate social responsibility during this pandemic.

For comments, contribution or to order the raw materials and get it delivered to your door step, do click the link below

But if you want a cheaper delivery via a motor park or any other means  close to you, you can whatsApp this number:   08039233787


These steps is used in the production of personal use sanitizers, WHO does not recommend the use of colouration or perfume, if you want to manufacture for commercial purpose kindly visit the World Health Organisation (WHO) website for guideline on the quality assurance, Labeling, storage and other general commercial precautionary measures.

Also if you want to produce large quantities as a gift to your church, mosque, school, office,  constituency, state, local government or any group of more than 50 persons, you can contact us on 08039233787 and we shall come to your location to mass produce if it is hygienically safe or we produce from our factory and supply to you.

If you are interested in buying wholesale sanitizers at World Health Organisation (WHO) subsidized rate, you can also whatsapp this number 08039233787, but you should be able to sale at the subsidized rate, greed is not allowed as we try to reduce the price in the global market.

Be hygienically safe and abide by all health safety precautionary measures.

Okoka Darlington

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