Earth Resistance Test


I see a lot of building construction going on everyday in Nigeria, Benin City to be precise and I keep asking myself when will things get better? When will the Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE) or rather the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) begin to act effectively to ensure that Nigeria citizenry are safe.

A building site (future hospital, future residential building) without an engineer to supervise, it’s really absurd. Electricians are seen on site without the supervision of an Electrical Engineer nor an Electrical drawing to guide (that’s if the drawings can be interpreted by them) is endangering. It might be of interest to note that most electricians already have the stereotyped knowledge that all air-condition point must be wired with 2.5mm2 cable irrespective of its power consumption or phase of the air-condition.

During the earthing process, I see a lot of annoying situations where most electricians just use a 1.5mm2 cable with any size or quantity of copper rod buried and they say the earthing is done without carrying out test (Earth Resistance Test), this is so bad and putting the occupants of such buildings at risk.

What are the importance of the Earth Resistance Test?

This test is used to determine the resistance of the soil to help have an effective low impedance path over which short circuit currents can flow to ground. In a lay man’s view point, it is to determine how high or low the soil resistance is so as to ascertain if the ground path can allow fault current flow through it whenever there is a fault within the circuit thereby preventing damage to your equipment.  If the resistance is high, there are measures to be taken to reduce it and some calculations to be done to ascertain the number of copper rods to be buried.

Therefore, I recommend to all who intend to build henceforth to make it a prerequisite to carry out an Earth Resistance test before the earthing of the building is done to avoid damage to equipments and possibly fire outbreak. can be contacted or other professional electrical engineers who have expertise in earthing.

Let us try to make Nigeria Electrically safe.

Darlington Okoka


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  1. thanx for d eye-opener. Nigerians , especially pipo like us who are illiterate in electronic works needed dis. sure to patronise, hope others out there will.

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