24hrs Power Supply May Get Houses Burnt


I had a conversation with a Senior Manager (name withheld)  with one of the Electricity Distribution Companies (DISCOS) in Nigeria, below is the excerpts that led to my conclusion of the caption of this story: WITH 24HRS POWER SUPPLY IN NIGERIA MOST HOUSES WILL GET BURNT”

ME:    Good day Sir,  how is work going thus far? I will like to find out from your personal opinion what you feel about the power situation in Nigeria?

MANAGER: Power has been the major problem of this country, from Generation to Transmission down to Distribution.

ME: I know it has been a major problem but what I mean is, have there been any improvement?

MANAGER: Absolutely not, aren’t you in this country? Generation has gone far below 2800MW, the transmission lines are a far cry from its installation days, the distribution in which I am currently a manager in one of the discos is not helping issues. Most times we don’t have sufficient power to purchase, although some discos don’t purchase enough even when there is excess power generated just to make more profit, our distribution lines are weak and many other abnormalities. So I believe you can answer your question yourself.

ME:    Do you see this changing in due time?

MANAGER: In the nearest future maybe, but not with this current administration when the Minister for Power is a Lawyer and most of the Discos are runned by business men and women whose priority is to maximize profit at all possible means.

ME:    What are the necessary things to be done to ensure constant power supply?

MANAGER:  A lot, the transmission lines needs to be fixed to accommodate more generated power because our current transmission lines cannot withstand further stress, the current existing generating stations needs to be maintained to operate at optimum capacity and if possible build more closer to the source of gas (for Gas Fired Stations) or water (for Hydro Stations). Constant power supply is quite paramount for the economic growth and development of this country.

ME:  What challenge do you envisage when we begin to have constant power supply?

MANAGER:  I will categorically say it loud and clear, when this happens, so many houses will get burnt due to electrical fault because most houses I see these days are wired far below the recommended standard. The cables used are below standard, the sizes of the cable are inappropriate, like an electrician using a 2.5mm2 cable to connect a 2HP package unit Air-conditioning system and he will say because its Nigerian wire, it will carry it. This is very bad, with 24hrs power supply on a daily basis, the cables will melt and possibly result in a fire outbreak since they cannot withstand the quantity of heat generated from the current passing through them.

ME:    What advise do you have for Landlords, Future house owners and property developers?

MANAGER:  My advise has always been to use Professional Engineers for your house wirings, Electrical Drawings are paramount before any electrical wiring is done to help calculate the cable sizes required and other benefits that goes along with it. (You can check this article for more benefits of Electrical Design and Drawing: www.delwit.com/electrical-disaster-a-common-outbreak/). Every new building should seek for an Electrical Drawing before commencing the electrical wiring, existing building owners should contact professional electrical engineers such as Delwit or other COREN registered Electrical Engineers to help ascertain the quality of their wiring and even help design a drawing with the setting of their already existing wiring to ensure electrical safety.

ME:    How can you tell that a said Engineer is professionally competent and registered with COREN

MANAGER: Their work speak for them, their designs are to standard, they have a registered number verifiable at www.coren.gov.ng, also they have an authentication seal in which they use to append their professional status on their drawings.

ME:  Final advice.

MANAGER: Build today, wire your house professionally for a safe living tomorrow.

That was my long conversation with the Manager of a Disco in Nigeria, I believe you benefitted from the points passed across.

By: Darlington Okoka


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