Site Security Highly Required on all Projects

Site Security Highly Required on all Projects

In the cause of the execution of a site project, there are always going to be security threats specific to that site which can be difficult to manage such as theft of uninstalled materials, equipment and even installed materials, such as copper wire, fittings and pipes that can be torn out of walls, hence the need to prioritize security.

Most Electrical Engineers overlook the significance of security on projects involving residential buildings considering the less quantity of materials required and the U-shaped pattern of installation of cables that makes it virtually difficult to be stolen. But as Chinua Achebe said “Since the hunter has learnt to shoot without missing so the bird has learnt to fly without perching” therefore, criminals in town these days do not care the pattern of installation used, in as much as the installed materials are there especially the armoured cables without adequate security, there is every tendency to get the materials stolen.

Therefore, it is advisable for all Engineers handling a project particularly the Electrical Engineers to take cognizance of security on site both during and after installation, until a proper handover is done. Even after handover, it is paramount that the installation is still secured but this time by the client especially when the project won’t be used immediately, the Engineer is required to advise the client on the importance of security on the completed project to ensure the installed materials aren’t tampered with.

No one is happy to repeat a job twice nor is a client happy to expend money repetitively on an already purchased item, hence it is very paramount to make security a priority both on the clients part and the contractor.

Some Tips to Improve Security on Site
Below are some tips to help improve the security on site:

1. Pre-Security Procedure: A security process should be in place prior to the commencement of the project, this will keep both the contractors, sub-contractors, their staff and even the client on their toes once they get to site.

2. Site Inventory: Professional practice encourages inventory of both workers and materials on site, this will help the contractor know when their equipment, material or staff is missing. A regular inventory is required to ensure that site details is up to date.

3. Perimeter Fencing: It is usually advisable to fence round your construction site, this will help deter criminals and ensure that only credible and invited visitors get legal access to your site.

4. Provision of Store: All site materials should not be exposed to all workers, they should be securely kept in the store and manned by a store keeper, for what the eyes can’t see the mind may not conceive evil to.

5. Video Monitoring: CCTV is becoming a very useful tool in check mating the excesses of workers on site and hence prevent theft. There are applications these days that can use cameras such as PTZ cameras with infra red facilities to detect motion at night, installing this will be a great benefit as any theft especially at the close of the day’s work can easily be identified.

6. Security Guards: Every site requires the services of a security guard who will help checkmate the activities of workers especially when leaving site and also deter intending external thieves from encroaching into the site.
Security is a must on every site, try never to take it for granted.

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