The rate at which local communities are being terrorized by kidnappers is getting out of hand. From Akoko Edo in Edo State to Ubulu-Uku in Delta State down to the North Central and so many other communities within the country.

Two months ago, two families were on their way back from a burial ceremony and they were kidnapped at Akoko-Edo, the youths of the community in total darkness ransacked the entire bush of the community and found the victims, unfortunately the abductors had ran away. After this incidence, the community started advocating for community policing and youth vigilante groups to help curb the menace. Others, also are advocating that a certain ethnic group (the fulanis) who are alleged to be the core abductors in these local communities should be asked to go back to their own locality.

There are also some instances where it was stated that the kidnapped victims were killed either in the process of threatening the relatives of the victims for  certain amount of money for ransom or the family is incapable of affording the requested ransom.

These are difficult period and if stringent measures are not taken, then we are doomed for extinction in the nearest future.

So many recommendations have been provided to resolve this menace, but having carefully read some articles and also heard directly from affected victims, I have this proposed solution in addition to so many other solutions available on the media.

Rural Electrification

Most kidnapping process occur at day time and the victims are taken to a nearby bush until in the night when they are moved to a location far from where they were kidnapped pending when ransom is paid. From careful analysis, it is noted that these abductors are so confident that the area will be totally dark at night hence their  believe that no one will see them.

Some victims also state that they were kidnapped at night especially those kidnapped at the Benin-Onitsha express way and the dreaded Benin – Lagos express way, some victims at the Kaduna-Abuja Express way also said they were kidnapped at night. Following these night occurrences, it shows that our roads and communities are in total darkness at night hence giving room to these perpetrators to carry out their evil acts. If our streets and communities can be properly illuminated, I’m optimistic that this kidnapping issue even if not completely eliminated would be reduced to its barest minimum.

There are other recommended solutions to this menace, I shall be unfolding some in the course of the week, but before then let us try to drive safely especially at night and if possible avoid driving the express at night within this period, it will be a wise decision pending when the government or any foundation/body can help with the electrification of our roads and local communities.

Stay Safe and God Bless Nigeria!!!

Darlington Okoka
Twitter: @darlookoka


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