Proper Electrical Design For your Building

It is a new year and a lot of people have great plans of either building their personal buildings or erecting business edifice. Whatever the case might be, I am very sure that electrical services will surely be needed.

Electrical wiring basically doesn’t just involve calling an electrician to do this and that for you, a proper electrical design is needed to help ascertain the necessary load expected in the building and the type of cable sizes to be used with each individual load.

Load separation and proper low energy consuming fittings are also provided in the design to help you consume less power especially in this era of high cost of electricity. The importance of future maintenance cannot be over emphasized, as this design helps maintenance to be carried out at ease.

I usually get amazed when I hear some  people say Electrical Design is only for Big Men or is only used for commercial building. My question is, “Is Electrical Safety reserved for only the big men?” moreover, the cost of this design is quite low, I encourage all to see the need for an electrical design.

A professional advice to anyone with the interest of building this year:

1. Get your property (Land) surveyed and obtain the necessary approval.

2. Meet an architect for a standard building plan

3. A structural Engineer will have to do the structural design

4. Consult an M&E Engineer (Mechanical and Electrical Engineer) to help with the electrical design and mechanical design

5. Get a Quantity Surveyor to assist with the costing of the entire building.

6. With all these ready, get your men to the site to be supervised by a registered Engineer (Civil precisely).

All these looks like a mirage, but I must tell you, it is the best thing to be done and at DELWIT we can carry out the number 4 aspect of the above advise effectively (M&E Design) and we can recommend other professionals to you if you so require.

Do the right thing this 2019, and ensure future safety of all your investment.


Darlington Okoka
Twitter: @darlookoka
Facebook: Okoka Darlington


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