New Office — New Electrical Needs

Often time when we get a new office or an apartment, we basically do not care of the electrical need, what we are after is the aesthetics. But it’s very obvious that you cannot do away with the electrical need of the building which ought to be paramount. There are no two offices that have the same electrical needs, hence you need to investigate the power source and confirm if the Distribution Board (DB) and the circuit breakers (CB) are adequate enough to carter for the required electrical needs of your new office.

It is usually advisable that a particular 13A socket should not be over loaded using a multiple socket adaptor or extension boxes. Most organizations as part of their safety policy frowns at the use of multiple sockets, hence the required number of 13A socket outlets are provided.

Therefore, when you get a new office, the first thing to do is to determine your electrical needs, you may call a competent Electrical Engineer like DELWIT ( to help you analyze your electrical needs and proffer professional advice. Secondly, all external cables should be trunked if it is not possible to be in conduit to prevent unnecessary external exposure of cables. For offices with cubicle workstation, it is always advisable that each workstation should have its own socket outlet not a central extension box as seen in most offices, this will ensure the independence of staff and prevent interruption of power by a staff in course of disconnection or connection of an electrical equipment.

Finally, the distribution board, the circuit breakers and the electricity metering should be looked into to ensure it meets your need. Depending on the nature of your electrical need, the existing number of ways of your distribution board may not be adequate, hence you might need additional one. Also, the meter either pre-paid or post-paid may have been indebted, this should be sorted out before the billing is transferred to you.

Electrical safety is everyone’s business, let us do the best we can to ensure that all electrical hazards are prevented.

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