Quackery is a major hindrance to the growth and development of every profession. In the Engineering field, this is usually a great challenge as any one who could hold a plier, spanner or screwdriver is now seen as an Engineer.

As an Electrical Engineer who has several years of practice, I will like to advice that using professionals to carry out your project saves you a lot of future challenges that will eventually make you spend more. For instance DELWIT was called upon to help rescue a building at Oghara in Delta State, Nigeria which was wired using 4mmsq cable for the supply, this worked effectively until the owner decided to buy a functioning generator thereby having constant power for 24hrs, this inevitably had a lot of strain on the cable which almost led to a fire outbreak. The owner had to spend more to remove the previous cable and buy a higher sized one. We charged him for consultancy in identifying the fault and also charged him to fix it. You can see the disadvantage.

Hence, we advice that professionals should be used all the time to carry out your project. For Electrical Designs, Drawings, Wiring and Installations DELWIT can be contacted to assist you professionally.


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