Lighting is very paramount in every business premises, the nature of your business will determine the type of lighting design to be carried out. From research, it has been proven that office lighting quality affect the productivity of the staff. Most commercial offices like factories, bakeries, sawmill, printing press and other heavy duty offices require adequate illumination of between 150 – 500lx to see properly and prevent unwarranted accident.

If you are planning of building an office complex or you already have an existing office and you feel that the illumination in your office is not adequate, then be rest assured that this article will guide you accordingly.

The first thing that is required is to carry out a lighting design to ascertain the number of lamps that is required to give you your required illumination level which is usually indicated in the IEA illumination table14789. The illumination level for various premises are indicated in the table e.g halls, churches, escalators e.t.c, you then carryout the calculation to ascertain the lamps required.

Usually,  N = (E x A)/(F x uf x mf)

N – No. of lamps
E – Average Horizontal illumination required
A – Area of the working plane
F – Lamp lighting lumen
uf – Utilization factor
mf – Maintenance factor

Note, it is advisable you contact a licensed and qualified Electrical Engineer like DELWIT ( to assist with the calculation to ensure you get the required result.

Secondly, after getting the required number of lamp, it is also important that energy saving lighting should be used such as CFL, LED and other technologies with the approved  lumen rating. Coloured lamps are usually avoided in a general office environment except when specifically needed.

Finally, the installation need to be done neatly with adequate spacing to ensure that the required illumination level is achieved.

In conclusion, a good lighting design in a working environment is a matter of ergonomics and require a combination of indirect overhead lighting, movable direct task lighting and natural light in the correct proportions to ensure safe  and comfortable working conditions.

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