Energy Saving Airconditioners


It is no longer news that in Nigeria, epileptic power supply is the order of the day which has made so many offices and households resolve to the use of generators, solar system, inverters and other alternative sources of energy.
When using these alternative sources of energy, what basically come to mind is the type of load to be used. It is observed that those who use 1KVA Generating set and less do not have the confidence to put on their air conditioners because of the fear that it might not carry the load or might knock the generator’s engine.
The current development in technology will make it possible to confidently connect your air conditioner (AC) to a generating set of 1KVA and above. This type of air conditioners are called Energy Saving/Inverter Air Conditioners, they have the ability to vary the rotational speed of the compressor allowing it to use less energy to maintain the set temperature while being able to cool the room quicker at start up. This is possible because when the AC is set to the energy saving mode or Gen Mode as termed by some manufacturers the AC compressors functions with the regulations from the sensors controlling the room temperature.
The major feature of this type of air conditioner is the presence of a dual rotor inverter compressor which helps the AC to be stable and switch into any of the two compressors during the energy saving mode. This principle is similar to driving a car, it is more comfortable to drive a car when there is no need to repeat start-and-stop operations. Using the inbuilt inverter technology, the same effect is provided to the air conditioners. When an air conditioner starts up, the inverter sets it in full-power operation to quickly bring the room temperature to the set temperature. Once the set temperature is reached, the inverter maintains efficient operation to minimize the change in the room temperature. This prevents wasteful consumption of electricity and keeps your alternative power supply stable.
Some manufacturers also incorporate a torque vibration reduction in the AC system which result in the quick operation of the outdoor unit thereby reducing the amount of startup current.
This technology is not yet in use by some AC manufacturers but major manufacturers like LG and Panasonic are already producing Energy Saving Inverter Air conditioners. You can contact to recommend a suitable product for you depending on the KVA rating of your Generators, Solar System, Inverter or other alternative source of power you use.
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