If you are into building or you have a desire to build in the nearest future then do not ignore this post as it will save you a lot of future electrical hazards.

Every developer or builder will definitely need an electrical supply to their buildings be it a commercial or residential building. Using the right and qualified electrician can be very beneficial to you especially in the aspect of averting future electrical failure. Hence the need for this post to help you make informed decision on the right choice of electricians. Although at DELWIT, they provide maximum professional electrical services that adheres strictly to the highest safety standards but you need to know what it entails should in case you don’t use them.

The most important ones are:

1. Ability to Differentiate Between Cable Sizes: Most electricians are quite stereotyped, they believe that every building, in as much as it is a flat, duplex or even commercial building should us same cable sizes even for the primary supply. You should be able to confirm if they know the differences.

2. Experience in Reading and Interpreting Electrical Drawings: Electrical drawings are important in the wiring of a building to help the electrician effectively know where various fittings are and the required ratings and sizes of basic and main electrical components. Some electricians have difficulty reading and interpreting these drawings and since most house owners do not make provision for such drawings from a registered electrical engineer the electricians hence see no reason to learn.

3. Professionalism: Electricians must be professional in their dealings both to the client and in the performance of their duty. You therefore should be able to observe that from the way they talk and handle their tools and properties kept under their care.

4. Experience on the Job: Considering the technicality of electricity, it is advisable to also check on the experience of the electrician to be used for your job because a lot of thinking and experience counts in making your job site neat and free from errors. Consider hiring an electrician with two or more years of experience.

If you will like to contact an experienced electrician for a job or you need a COREN registered and qualified electrical engineer for your electrical drawing/design as well as supervision of a project site, do contact DELWIT on 07018316969 or visit


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