Desires of Every Landlord

One of the greatest desires of every grown adult is to own a shelter over his/her head. Also considering the unstable state of our economy, most business experts has inferred that the only stable investment advisable for now is the real estate business which doesn’t necessary means owning an estate but an ability to have a building for letting.

As a landlord or house owner, it is not expected to have any major repairs within the first ten years after commissioning but if the proper precautions are not taking, then you should expect repairs almost immediately.

Hence before the commencement of any building project, the following preliminaries are necessary:
1. Ensure your land is genuinely gotten with valid papers.

2. Survey Plan is necessary especially when building in a developing area.

3. Architectural Design of the building is paramount, the era of calling a mason to build a 2-bedroom for you “Like this…like that” is over, use a professional Architect.

4. Structural Drawing, this is very important to determine the size/quality of the column and beams to hold the building especially if the building is going to be a floor and above.

5. M&E Design, this is the Mechanical and Electrical design. This design is very vital in every building as it caters for the Electrical layout, piping, cable sizes, fittings, rating of the distribution boards, circuit breakers, MCCB, Panels and every Electrical components that is required as well as the KVA rating of the generating set to be used in the building. The Mechanical design deals basically with the plumbing, water supply layout, AC piping and fire hose reel. ( are professional M&E Engineers, they could be contacted).

6. Bill of Quantity, this is very necessary as it helps you get an estimate of what it will cost you to complete your building project. Every stage of the building will have its own cost estimate in the bill so you will be guided accordingly.

7. All drawings should be done by qualified professionals who will take cognizance of several factors that will avert future damages.

There is no need investing massively in a building project that will not stand the test of time. Cutting corners and patronizing quacks will not only make you spend more on the long run but will definitely put your life at risk.

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