Dangers of Not Putting off Wall Sockets During Power Outage

Intermittent power supply is the order of the day in Nigeria. Most people ascribe it to load shedding to ensure that the limited generated power is adequately distributed round the designated consumers, this on its own has its consequences.

During power outage, a lot of consumers get destabilized, frustrated and even angry at the distribution company responsible for their supply thereby forgetting to put off all gadgets and wall sockets before power is restored hence leaving their gadgets to the risk of high voltage supply.

When power is restored, there is usually the risk of high voltage as a result of less load on the grid and some other challenging factors like fluctuation in frequency, short circuit of a phase and many others. This high voltage is supplied to the house in which most gadgets are not connected to voltage stabilizer or surge protector hence destroying the entire gadgets.

These days, stabilizers and surge protectors are not usually designed to standard, we have a lot of sub-standard products in the market, hence the need to protect your gadgets.

The following tips will be of great importance:

1. During power failure, put off all sockets and switches
2. When leaving home, ensure all sources of power are switched off
3. Allow for two (2) minutes after power is restored before you can put on your source of power
4. Make sure that all hybrid equipments (TV, Home theatre, Refrigerator e.t.c) are connected to the stabilizer or surge protector
5. Ensure your building is properly earthed

If all these tips are followed accordingly, be rest assured that your building will be electrically safe.

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Lucky Biodun · April 6, 2018 at 1:54 pm

Thank you very much quite educating

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