Child Proof Socket Outlet

Have you ever thought of why your three pin wall socket has to be pressed down before you can connect a two pin appliance to it. This is a design requested by the National Electric Code to include a Taper Resistant Receptacle on wall sockets to prevent children from getting their hands stuck into the socket which might electrocute them.  Most wall socket producers these days have adopted this standard and are including this resistant receptacles in sockets produced hence electric shock on children these days have drastically reduced.

The use of extension boxes is on the increase, although its use cannot be over emphasized in today’s household as the number of wall sockets provided might not be sufficient for the outlets needed, that is the reason why an electrical design is always recommended. Most extension boxes are open and children can actually get their hands stuck in it.

The following guidelines are necessary in every household with children/toddlers:

1. All wall sockets that are not in use should be switched off

2. Sockets that has the tendency to be touched by children should be used with socket outlet covers.

3. Extension boxes should be discouraged, if it must be used, those with taper resistant receptacle should be used but if you already have the normal ones, you can buy the outlet cover which you must always remember to use after your equipment has been disconnected to prevent your kids from getting their hands stuck to it.

3. Wall sockets to be installed in your house must be child proof, these days non child proof socket are becoming obsolete.

4. If for any reason you no longer press the earth pin down to connect a two pin equipment to your wall socket/extension, then you must seek a replacement or get a socket cover which you must ensure you use always.

Our children are very dear to us, and we shall not be happy to lose any of them as a result of shear carelessness, we are encouraged to be electrically safe in all we do.

Darlington Okoka

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Akunwa Uche · May 4, 2018 at 6:36 pm

Very Educative Darlington, thanks for the enlightenment, I will take it into cognisance now.

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