In response to my last week post Online Presence, A Must For All Businnesses in which I talked about reasons why your business needs to be online, I had to do a follow up with this article considering the massive response/emails I got as regards owning a blog.

What is a Blog

A blog is an online medium through which an online author (blogger) communicates with millions of audience. It can be seen as a personal website where you share your valuable thoughts/ideas with people all over the world. Professionally, it is seen as an online diary that contains a detailed information about a particular subject matter which is usually updated on a regular basis.

From the feedback of last week post, I observed that everyone wants to own a blog not primarily to share ideas or information but for financial benefit. I must advice here that, Money should not be your driving force in owning a blog else you get frustrated along the line, concentrate on rich articles, solve people’s problems, be professional and consistent, before you know it, the money will flow. Blogging needs a lot of patience, this, I must not fail to inform you.

Benefits of Blogging

The following are listed few benefits of professional blogging:
1. Blogging improves your writing skills and makes you an organized thinker.
2. It helps you make a difference in other people’s life by impacting on them.
3. It offers you better and new opportunities from people who read your blog.
4. Blogging offers you the opportunity to express yourself professionally, share your passion and knowledge.
5. It helps you build your professional network and makes you an authority in your field.
6. If you are blogging for your brand, it helps improve the search engine ranking for your product/brand and hence gain wider exposure to more clients.
7. Blogging helps generate increased traffic to your site thereby converting an average visitor to a potential client.
8. It helps provide value to your readers by answering their questions and solving their problems.
9. You have potential of making money either through recommendation of tested/trusted product/services to your readers, selling of advert spaces on your blog or writing for a business/company.

But note that your blog need to have the following qualities to easily benefit from these financial benefits:
1. Written in a reader friendly way and easy to understand language.
2. Provide insight that talks intensively on topics of your interest
3. Backed up with authoritative links where necessary
4. Must be an original source not plagiarized
5. Be linked to other authoritative sites (backlinks)

Some Disadvantages

Every venture in life has its own bad sides, same with blogging, below are the few expected challenges of blogging:
1. Always be ready to get rude and inappropriate comments from readers on your well researched topics.
2. Blogging is usually time consuming, you have to take writing as a hobby to be able to meet up with the constant update.
3. Financial distress at the initial time. Hence, if you go into blogging with the intention of making money immediately, I am sorry you will be so disappointed. Blogging requires a lot of patience and persistent hard work.

Are you ready to own a blog? Do you feel the above challenges are what you can surmount? If yes, then you can commence your own blog. ¬†Should in case you don’t have the expertise to build a blog, DELWIT can assist you with a professional blog that you can easily manage afterwards.


I will like to conclude by summarizing the compulsory steps required to owning a blog:
1. Before you start a blog, you must have a reason and an intention why you need a blog, this will serve as a driving force when things don’t fall in place as expected.
2. You should have a defined subject for your blog, it should be noted that Jack of all trade is not ideal for blogging, concentrate on a key subject and become an authority in it.
3. Select an easy/catchy name for your blog, this can be your name, the name of the subject you intend to blog on or any name that will be easy to relate with your readers.
4. I don’t advocate for free hosting blog, therefore I always recommend you pay for your hosting and have your full blog name as the link to your site e.g but there are free ones which usually carry the identity of the host e.g this is not professional.
5. Once your blog is created, just login in and start posting articles to millions of people on the internet, always ensure your post are rich and not plagiarized.

I guess you benefited from this post, do kindly leave your comments below to get your feedback, and also like and share to all social media platforms below to inform others.

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